12 year old boy gets arrested like a criminal

‚Barnevernet‘ took 12-year old Canadian/Norwegian Boy away from his parents like a criminal

Ås/Norway. On Feb 8th, a 12 year old boy, without any good reason, without any cause and without any legal ground, was brutally taken away from his mother and father.

The parents had removed their 12 year old son from school and wanted to homeschool him as a temporary solution, because he had received death threats from classmates.

The school informed Norway’s Child welfare service (known as ‚Barnevernet‘) that the boy didn’t come to school. Three Barnevernet employees then showed up at the family’s house. They were accompanied by six police officers who came with three police cars. But instead of helping the family to find a solution with the bad situation at school, the authorities brutally removed the boy from his parents.

As can be seen in a Facebook video of the Canadian mother, the son runs away and the two case workers chase him and finally they topple him. Then one of the men sits on top of him to prevent his escape. The boy is screaming in total despair. A 12 year old boy!!! A boy who was teased and threatened at school is now being brutalised and attacked by Norway’s authorities. The parents were not allowed to leave the house and had to watch helplessly how their child was removed like a criminal.

Norway’s Child Welfare services ‚Barnevernet‘, with the help of the police chase a 12-year old boy. It doesn’t seem like they can comprehend how totally traumatising this will be for the child. Apparently this is what Norway’s „best interest of the child“ sadly looks like. Just because he didn’t go to school, and the parents were now homeschooling him instead, Norway’s Barnevernet consider this as a form of neglect.

Evil is not a strong enough term to describe Norway’s child welfare system. The cruelty towards families and their children in Norway must stop. Even under communism, family was still held far more in esteem than it is today in Norway. This sick experience this family has experienced is similar to thousands of others in Norway, but the world continues to stay silent.


An edited version of the video can be seen here:

Video Scource: © 2018 HSLDA

UPDATE per Feb. 11th 2018:

The verdict from the county board has accepted the CPS emergency placement order. The only reason given for the removal of the boy according to those papers is that the parents were homeschooling him. No violence, no maltreatment, no sexual abuse, no narcotics, nothing of those elements that would support the terrifying actions that were done.

Right now the parents can only see their son once a week for 2 hours under supervision.

UPDATE per Feb. 20th 2018:

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has launched an online Petition to support the family to get their son back. You can sign HERE.



[Photo: Facebook Video screenshot by Step up 4 Children’s Rights]




19 Comments on “‚Barnevernet‘ took 12-year old Canadian/Norwegian Boy away from his parents like a criminal

  1. Norwegen kidnappt seit vielen Jahren Kinder im eigenem Land und behandelt Kinder als nachwachsenden Rohstoff um innerhalb Norwegens große Geldsummen zu verdienen. Es gibt Zwangsmedikationen, Zwangseinweisungen un Krankäuser. Erlitten und Kinder welche sich umbringen, da sie diesen Torturen nicht gewachsen sind. Terror von Polizei gegen Eltern welche sich zur Wehr setzen ist an der Tagesordnung selbst vor Mord wird nicht zurück geschreckt. Dieses Land zerstört mehr als eine Generation Mensch. Grund ist Gier nach Macht und Reichtum

    • Ja, genau so ist des leider. Ich schämt mich ein Norweger zu sein.

  2. To those that should think that this is only one side of the story and so on….

    I have read the verdict from the county board, which accepted the cps emergency placement order and can confirm that there is no other troubled issues about this case other from homeschooling due to bullying at school and that parents were somewhat reluctant to cooperate with cps due to its widespread reputation as a child kidnapper not funded in a democracy.

    • Not saying it was right to take this child from the parents, but if I were to guess the issue of homeschooling was not cleared in advance and the parents just kept the kid home from school. If homeschooling is not pre approved or agreed upon with the county and school in advance it will be seen as though the parents are just keeping the child away from school without a reason. Allowing kids education is a parental obligation in Norway, it is a parental duty to send kids to school, or – if approved – give the kids homeschooling.

      • Hello „Norwegian taxpayer“, do you have a real name? I agree with you that it is a parental duty to send kids to school. BUT even if it seemed that the parents were just keeping the child at home from school, the Barnevernet still wouldn’t have any legal ground for the actions that they did. Just like in other countries they first need to investigate the situation and talk with the parents and also with the child, in order to find out if there is an emergency and how it could be solved. Taking a child away from the parents should always be the last thing that happens and not the first. But in this case the Barnevernet rushed into this situation together with the police without having a clear picture of what is going on. The standard legal process in a case like that would actually be that the parents would receive a warning for not sending their child to school. And if it happens again they would have to pay a penalty fine. As a „Norwegian taxpayer“ you should be outraged by the fact that the legal process wasn’t followed and that your taxes are being misused to finance such cruelty against children.

          • Totally agree…i know one who homeschooled her kids when they were small but when they got older they Went to school like others…..No Child service took them….But this is looong time ago,…in middle of 1990’s and beginning of 2000.-….Norwegian CPS seems to have become worse and worse year after year,

        • Totally agree.
          Follow correct legal route.
          This poor child and family has been treated in an extreme cruel way!!! 🙁
          Barnevernet and Norwegian Police should be sued for how they handled this situation!

  3. krass! Unser Traum hat sich ausgeträumt.
    Ich habe schon zu viele negative Schlagzeilen gesehen und gehört.
    Aber das Video beweist, dass etwas in Norwegen nicht mit rechten Dingen zugeht!

    Das Königshaus von Norwegen schaut einfach nur zu! Unglaublich.

    Barnevernet müsste geschlossen werden.
    Es ist alles unglaublich und das in der heutigen Zeit mit Internet und co.

    Der EUGH schaut auch nur zu.
    Dieses Geschäft muss verdammt lukrativ sein!!!

  4. Sadly we hear and read stories like this all the time in Norway. It is not to understand what is going on. They sent cars 6 policeofficers to the family home to pick up a child .
    If someone need the police in other serious cases, the answer from the police is, they have no cars/officers available to send.

  5. This is what an expert witness in child cases told me about this case:

    The main reason why the student received homeschooling was bullying and killing threats at school. In accordance with the Education Act, the student is entitled to a good psychosocial environment at school – that requirement has been violated. In addition, the school has a duty of activity and a duty to enforce relevant measures when bullying – the school has broken the claim.

    The reason that the student received homeschooling is obvious and, as stated in the Education Act, the student is entitled to homeschooling as he received.

    School and PPT (Educational psychology service) have reported the case to child welfare without the legal requirement being met. The same has thus violated both confidentiality and when there is information and reporting obligation to child welfare.

    The child welfare has implemented measures without the legal requirement being met. The child welfare services have ordered police assistance without meeting Bufdir’s (Ministry of Children and Equality) guidelines.

    The police have heavily executed orders from the child welfare organization, without even investigating the case, cf. the police instructions, and have thus entered the law without the legal requirement being fulfilled.

    The case has evolved into a co-operation and system collapse in public administration.

    The boy is undeniably exposed to abuse of power, reckless conduct and violence by public servants. The episode resembles conditions heavily criminals are exposed to. The incident is both violent and severely traumatic for the boy – just 12 years old.

    That school and PPT (Educational psychology service) export their own inadequacy and failure to child welfare is a major and serious problem. The problem is so extensive and intensified that even the child ombudsman has been alerted. The child ombudsman has actually investigated and prepared a report that the school and PPT use their own failure and know things that parents are the problem.

    System columns are visualized in the construction of reality that does not exist.

    Wondering about the mental ability of personal staff in school, PPT and child welfare?

    Similarly, do I wonder what kind of child welfare assessment has been done?

    It is good for the national problem at the system level that the course of action is well documented. The incident is not worthy of a nation claiming to be an A nation in human rights or being a nation that works for the best interests of the child.

    As a child welfare teacher with various relevant supplementary education, I am shaken far into the spinal cord of such abuse of power against children.

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  8. The nightmares this little boy will have, the feelings he is experiencing. Knowing that his parents didn’t (because they couldn’t) protect him from being hurt at school or taken away by grown men in such a way. This is so damaging its heartbreaking to see. All parents want is to protect their kids and all the kid wants is to turn to his parents for protection.

    Who is doing the damage to the child’s rights?

  9. In a well working democracy, the child welfare officers and the police officer in command assisting them would sit in jail and waiting to be brought to court for their criminal offenses! And due to the update the County Board members who voted to uphold the emergency decision, too.
    Now there are severe doubts if Norway was a democracy at all…

    There are known scandals about
    170+ Norwegian professional’s open letter since Summer 2015 not responded in substance,
    Known scandals about child officiers with double roles, making profit on their decisions as officers in the public authority
    Known scandals about solving harassment and bullying _at_ _school_ by removing child from family.
    I think all the civilized world should shut all diplomatic ties to Norway due to Barnevernet now…

    • Totally agree…i am Norwegian myself and embarassed to be Norwegian cause of what BV does to innocent kids and their families!!! I really hope they get him back and they should sue BV at once !!! This was soooo wrong!!!!! hurts in my heart to read about it and see the poor boy….If they get him back i hope they go back to Canada …they might be more safe there……

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