Serie: Forgotten Children

10 – The story of Natasha & Erik: When Children are being removed right after birth

Podcast Episode 10

Natasha and Erik were looking forward to become new parents as they were expecting their first Children. But the Norwegian Child Welfare Service known as „Barnevernet“ almost destroyed their dream just a few hours after their baby twins… Read More

09 – A look behind the scenes: Norway’s Child Welfare Service

A look behind the Scenes

Marius Reikerås is a Human Rights Expert from Norway and he is deeply concerned how the authorities in his country deal with Child welfare. In this interview he gives us a closer look behind the scenes.

08 – Why Christians should be concerned about Norway

Steven and Bjoern

Many parents in Norway are grieving over the loss of their Children who were unfairly removed by Norway’s Child welfare system. Also many Children are grieving because they’re not allowed to return to their families. What’s going on… Read More

07 – A Blogger’s Perspective on Norway’s stolen Children

Interview with Steven

Steven Bennett is a Business English Teacher who enjoys writing. When he first heard about a case of Child removal in Norway he started to do his own research. This brought him in contact with several Norwegian Lawyers,… Read More

06 – Shocking experiences from a Norwegian Lawyer

Interview with a Norwegian Lawyer

Sverre Skimmeland is a Norwegian Lawyer. Together with his law firm he has already worked on several cases of child removals in Norway. His insight on how the cases are being dealt with in his country is rather… Read More

05 – Interview with Amy at the Vienna conference

Amy at the Vienna conference

American boy Tyler was just 1,5 years old when he was snatched away from his loving mother by the Norwegian Child welfare services in July 2013. In the last two Episodes we were dealing already with this case…. Read More

04 – Amy’s case reviewed by an expert

Amy's case reviewed by an expert

Norwegian Human Rights Expert Marius Reikeras reviews the case of  Amy Jakobsen and her son and Tylers from a legal perspective. Also check Episode 3 for an interview with Amy. Her son was forcefully removed over a breastfeeding… Read More

03 – Amy Jakobsen and her baby boy Tyler

Amy's case

Amy Jakobsen is an American citizen. The Norwegian Child welfare service took her 19 months old son Tyler away from her because she was still breastfeeding him at that age. Listen to this Episode as Amy shares her… Read More

02 – The Bodnariu case

2 - The Bodnariu Case

The most well known case of forced child removal in Norway is the case of the Bodnariu Family. Austrian Politician Dr. Gudrun Kugler reviews this case and shows how the Norwegian Authorities have violated Human Rights. Dr. Kugler… Read More

01 – What this Podcast is all about


In this 1st Episode I’ll briefly explain, what this Podcast is all about.