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Norwegen: Familie erhält 12-jährigen Sohn zurück und muss Reisepässe abgeben

Kristiansen Familie

Ås/Norwegen. Das norwegische Jugendamt „Barnevernet“ hat einen 12-jährigen Jungen wieder zu seinen Eltern zurückgebracht. Der Minderjährige war seinen Eltern zuvor am 8. Februar mit brutaler Polizeigewalt entrissen worden. Als Begründung für den Kindesentzug hatte das Jugendamt angegeben, dass das… Read More

Brutale Polizeigewalt gegen 12-jähriges Kind in Norwegen

Video Screenshot

Ås / Norwegen. Ein erneuter tragischer Fall von Kindesentzug in Norwegen sorgt derzeit für weltweite Empörung. Bereits am 8. Februar hatte das Jugendamt in Ås einer Kanadisch/Norwegischen Familie den 12-jährigen Sohn entzogen, da dieser zuhause unterrichtet wurde. Wie… Read More

Norway’s Child Welfare System – Breaking Down Families

It still comes as a shock for many people to find out about the horrendous, ongoing violations of children’s Human Rights, committed every week by Norway’s child welfare system. This is not a new phenomenon in Norway, far… Read More

‚Barnevernet‘ took 12-year old Canadian/Norwegian Boy away from his parents like a criminal

12 year old boy gets arrested like a criminal

Ås/Norway. On Feb 8th, a 12 year old boy, without any good reason, without any cause and without any legal ground, was brutally taken away from his mother and father. The parents had removed their 12 year old… Read More

Norway’s Child Welfare System – Counting their way to terror

This is last Saturday’s headline, from an article in a Norwegian newspaper: “A check-list is determining whether Barnevernet (Norway’s Child Welfare System), removes a child from its home or not. THEY COUNT THEIR WAY TO “THE RIGHT” CONCLUSION.”… Read More

How Children can legally be abducted in Norway

Photo: Sad Boy

When Norways Child Welfare Services ‚Barnevernet‘ remove a child from the parents and place it in foster care, they do so by law code 4.12, section A – D in the child protective laws of Norway. Out of… Read More

10 – The story of Natasha & Erik: When Children are being removed right after birth

Podcast Episode 10

Natasha and Erik were looking forward to become new parents as they were expecting their first Children. But the Norwegian Child Welfare Service known as „Barnevernet“ almost destroyed their dream just a few hours after their baby twins… Read More

Breastfeeding not allowed? The case of Amy J.

Amy J. with B. Korf

Amy J. is an American citizen who lives in Norway. In July 2013 her worst nightmare began. Without any warning, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services known as ‚Barnevernet‘ accompanied by police knocked at her door, saying that her… Read More

Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 2)

Nadia & Caspian

It seemed to be the perfect happy ending for Nadia and her sweet little son Caspian. Caspian was taken by Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet, in June of 2016. With the help of a good lawyer, international pressure,… Read More

Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 1)

Nadia & Caspian

Nadia’s first encounter with Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet, was when she was 13 years old. Nadia was forcefully removed from school, separated from her siblings, put into an institution, which sadly didn’t help her but in fact,… Read More