Are there no educational requirements needed to work in Norway’s child welfare system?

Mari Trommald, director of the Norwegian Ministry of Children, Youth and Family Affairs, has claimed for years, right up until now, that Norway’s Child Welfare System, Barnevernet doesn’t make any mistakes.

Trommald would make grandiose statements such as Barnevernet know EXACTLY what they are doing and that no children are taken away without good reason. Was she lying, clueless, misinformed or all three?

Going by an article published two days ago, Trommald now says Barnevernet hires people who have no education, no clue, no knowledge about any of the fields of expertise, where they claim to know more about child welfare than parents. In a press release Trommald states (translated):

„It may sound incredible, but as things are today, there is no requirement for either a certain educational level, knowledge of children and young people’s development or law to make decisions in child welfare.“

So…it’s now painfully clear that Barnevernet should start the process of reunification and give the children back to their parents! Since Barnevernet employees have been unqualified to make such life changing/destructive decisions that they have made!

It’s also painfully clear that not only LOTS OF MISTAKES have been made, but also systematic dysfunctionality has been running through the system from top to bottom for years. It’s time for an amnesty to allow children to be returned back to their families.

And, what will a higher education in social work bring? Will it mean more studies focused on anti-family ideologies and pseudo-scientific methods and theories that support the tearing apart of the family, whilst dehumanizing parents in the process?

More education on the same path could make a case worker’s behavior twice as devilish as it was before. Case workers don’t need more education, they need their power stripped away, and they need to learn humane ways to care and love children and their families, keeping them together, unless in extreme and exceptional cases, children could come to serious harm.

It’s time to SET THE CHILDREN FREE. It’s time to reunite families and it’s time to shut down Barnevernet and start a child and family supportive child welfare service.