12 year old boy gets arrested like a criminal

‚Barnevernet‘ took 12-year old Canadian/Norwegian Boy away from his parents like a criminal

Ås/Norway. On Feb 8th, a 12 year old boy, without any good reason, without any cause and without any legal ground, was brutally taken away from his mother and father.

The parents had removed their 12 year old son from school and wanted to homeschool him as a temporary solution, because he had received death threats from classmates.

The school informed Norway’s Child welfare service (known as ‚Barnevernet‘) that the boy didn’t come to school. Three Barnevernet employees then showed up at the family’s house. They were accompanied by six police officers who came with three police cars. But instead of helping the family to find a solution with the bad situation at school, the authorities brutally removed the boy from his parents.

As can be seen in a Facebook video of the Canadian mother, the son runs away and the two case workers chase him and finally they topple him. Then one of the men sits on top of him to prevent his escape. The boy is screaming in total despair. A 12 year old boy!!! A boy who was teased and threatened at school is now being brutalised and attacked by Norway’s authorities. The parents were not allowed to leave the house and had to watch helplessly how their child was removed like a criminal.

Norway’s Child Welfare services ‚Barnevernet‘, with the help of the police chase a 12-year old boy. It doesn’t seem like they can comprehend how totally traumatising this will be for the child. Apparently this is what Norway’s „best interest of the child“ sadly looks like. Just because he didn’t go to school, and the parents were now homeschooling him instead, Norway’s Barnevernet consider this as a form of neglect.

Evil is not a strong enough term to describe Norway’s child welfare system. The cruelty towards families and their children in Norway must stop. Even under communism, family was still held far more in esteem than it is today in Norway. This sick experience this family has experienced is similar to thousands of others in Norway, but the world continues to stay silent.


An edited version of the video can be seen here:

Video Scource: © 2018 HSLDA

UPDATE per Feb. 11th 2018:

The verdict from the county board has accepted the CPS emergency placement order. The only reason given for the removal of the boy according to those papers is that the parents were homeschooling him. No violence, no maltreatment, no sexual abuse, no narcotics, nothing of those elements that would support the terrifying actions that were done.

Right now the parents can only see their son once a week for 2 hours under supervision.

UPDATE per Feb. 20th 2018:

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has launched an online Petition to support the family to get their son back. You can sign HERE.


UPDATE: Kai has been returned to his family a few weeks later in spring, after thousands of people had signed the petition that was launched by HSLDA. But the family had to take down the original video and they had to turn in the Passport of Kai. We were informed by HSLDA that Kai will get his Passport back when he has reached a certain age, probably when he is around 14 ~ 15 years old. Apparently the Norwegian Child Welfare services want to ensure that the family doesn’t leave the country with Kai. That means the boy won’t be able to travel to Canada to visit friends and family members for a long time. He is now back in his old school but attending a different class.



[Photo: Facebook Video screenshot by Step up 4 Children’s Rights]