BE AWARE – Propaganda conference to push Norway’s child welfare policies

Internationally renowned human rights lawyer Ruby Harrold-Claesson commented just before a pro-Norway’s child welfare system event took place in Oslo. She wrote:

“In Oslo, an event has been set up on 22th November 2018 called Lucy Smith’s Children’s Rights Day 2018: Children’s right to privacy (“Lucy Smith’s Barnerettighetsdag 2018: Barns rett till privatliv”), which is hosted by the Children’s Ombudsman (“Barneombudsman”).

Be aware that this conference is propaganda for Norway’s child welfare policies, which are very strongly criticised by the Council of Europe. However, attendance could have the positive effect of exposing the Norwegian government’s child welfare policies.”

Lucy Smith’s Children’s Rights Day is an annual event that was held this year in the Old Festive Hall at the University of Oslo. What is striking is the total absence of children’s rights being exercised in so many cases in Norway. Children are not treated like human beings; they are completely overlooked by the child welfare process. The child welfare system’s focus is on finding fault with parents, and the children are suffering terribly.

[Foto: / CC0 Creative Commons]