Amy J. with B. Korf

Breastfeeding not allowed? The case of Amy J.

Amy J. is an American citizen who lives in Norway. In July 2013 her worst nightmare began. Without any warning, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services known as ‚Barnevernet‘ accompanied by police knocked at her door, saying that her… Mehr erfahren

Jan Simonsen

Our government is lying about Barnevernet (Norway’s Child Welfare System)

In Poland, a Norwegian woman has become a folk hero after fleeing with her child from the Norwegian CWS and sought asylum there. Last year, around 75,000 people in more than 20 cities demonstrated around the world after… Mehr erfahren

Not without my Child

Child Welfare Refugees – Not without my Child

Siri (not her real name) has applied for asylum in Poland because she feels persecuted by the Norwegian Child Welfare System (NCWS). Most parents with toddlers will nod with recognition to what is unfolding in the villa outside… Mehr erfahren

Nadia & Caspian

Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 2)

It seemed to be the perfect happy ending for Nadia and her sweet little son Caspian. Caspian was taken by Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet, in June of 2016. With the help of a good lawyer, international pressure,… Mehr erfahren

Nadia & Caspian

Nadia and Caspian’s fight for freedom (Part 1)

Nadia’s first encounter with Norway’s Child Welfare System, barnevernet, was when she was 13 years old. Nadia was forcefully removed from school, separated from her siblings, put into an institution, which sadly didn’t help her but in fact,… Mehr erfahren

Amy J. with B. Korf

Stillen verboten – Der Fall der Amy J.

Im Juli 2013 beginnt für die in Norwegen lebende Amerikanerin Amy J. der größte Alptraum ihres Lebens. Das norwegische Jugendamt ‚Barnevernet‘ steht unangemeldet mit Polizei vor der Tür. Der 19-monatige Sohn Tyler müsse sofort ärztlich untersucht werden. Was… Mehr erfahren