Convicted Pedophile

Criminal and beyond evil – convicted pedophile appeals for reduced prison sentence

Dr. Jo Erik Brøyn, who has practiced as an ‚expert‘ in Norway’s infamous child welfare system Barnevernet for 20 years, has pleaded to have his prison sentence reduced from 22 months to 2 months with community service. The decision to whether this plea is accepted will be made next week.

How can a remorseless pedophile predator be allowed out so early and how can it be allowed that his paid for motherless children are exposed to him again? Shouldn’t his surrogate children be protected from him? This is the problem when all the ‚elites‘ stick together and protect each other. What a truly sick outcome.

Should Brøyn, a now confessed pedophile keep two Indian motherless surrogate children? Is it really in the best interest of these children to be returned to a remorseless pedophile, that possessed and shared an enormous quantity of material, about 200,000 pictures and 4,000 hours of video—showing children subjected to brutal sexual abuse?

A person who played a major part for over 20 years in needlessly destroying many good and able families by supporting the removal of children from their parents.

Well, Norway’s Child Welfare System, Barnevernet will be gift wrapping the children back to the now disgraced pedophile psychiatrist when he leaves prison which could be very soon.

Some Norwegians are saying that if Brøyn wasn’t connected to Barnevernet, he would have received the maximum sentence, with minimal contact (i.e. twice a year for one hour, supervised) with the surrogate Indian children he bought.

The message that Norway is sending the rest of the world is that those people who openly support for entertainment purposes the sexual abuse of children, get to keep their children and that good and able parents can have their children removed forever at any time.

How sick has the Norwegian system become? On the one hand they support the placement of children in the hands of a pedophile, but on the other hand, and possibly on the same day, a baby or child will be taken from a single mother, for example, for no justifiable reason.

Every case that Brøyn was involved in must be reopened and investigated thoroughly by an independent body, preferably outside of Norway. Apparently, he is not the only one, but a full investigation in to other cases would possibly open up a can of worms, and the authorities, it would seem, would rather let sleeping dogs lie.

It’s criminal and beyond evil, but if you don’t understand what’s happening in Norway, you are told that it’s just a cultural misunderstanding (you are not progressive enough), and we should stop this moral outrage. I’m so glad that people like William Wilberforce never let their moral outrage sleep. It’s OK to be morally outraged. Moral outrage with action eventually leads to change, and Norway is in desperate need of change.

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[Photo: Stein J. Bjørge]