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European Consul abused by Norwegian Police in Barnevernet-Case

Christian Coalition World (KKN) has received a copy of the official report from «Barnevernet» (Norway´s «Child Protection Services») in the case of an intervention in a family to take a six year old child in a county close to Oslo a few days ago.

The Consul in Norway of a European nation was summoned by the family to meet with them in the face of this intervention by «Barnevernet». The European family were denied by «Barnevernet» the right to speak in their mother tongue with their own child, who is a first grade student in the elementary school.

When the Consul arrived to speak to the child and the parents, he was physically denied entry into the building by the representantives of the Norwegian CPS. The Police were summoned, as often is the case now in the proceedings of the Norwegian government to «protect» families. Five police officers physically hindered the Consul to enter the building,

The Consul invoked the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations to both «Barnevernet» and the Police, who both refused to comply, saying that «in our country we follow our own rules».

The Vienna Convention on Consular Relations was signed by Norway in 1963. The forceful abuse by the Police against the Consul violates the following articles of the Vienna Convention on Consular Relations, says KKN Chairman Jan-Aage Torp:


Article 5a of the Vienna Convention states that a Consular function is: «protecting in the receiving State the interests of the sending State and of its nationals, both individuals and bodies corporate»; article 5e «helping and assisting nationals, both individuals and bodies corporate, of the sending State»; article 5h «safeguarding, within the lim its imposed by the laws andregulations of the receiving State, the interests of minors and other persons lacking full capacity whoare nationals of the sending State, particularly where any guardianship or trusteeship is required with respect to such person»; article 5i «subject to the practices and procedures obtaining in the receiving State, representing or arranging appropriate representation for nationals of the sending State before the tribunals and other authorities of the receiving State, for the purpose of obtaining, in accordance with the laws and regulations of the receiving State, provisional measures for the preservation of the rights and interests of these nationals, where, because of absence or any other reason, such nationals are unable at the proper time to assume the defence of their rights and interests»; article 5m «performing any other functions entrusted to a consular post by the sending State which are not prohibited by the laws and regulations of the receiving State or to which no objection is taken by the receiving State or which are referred to in the international agreements in force between the sending State and the receiving State».


Christian Coalition World (KKN)

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