In an article titled “Experts turn to Christian leaders for help against Norway’s child welfare system”, that featured in Norge IDAG on 14 Nov 2018, Jørgen Høgetveit highlighted the current uprising that’s happening right now in Norway. Høgetveit writes:

“In 2015, a total of 268 psychologists, lawyers and other professionals dealing with child welfare cases, sent a report of concern to the then incumbent Minister for Children Solveig Horne. In spite of this report and a considerable number of cases in the European Court of human Rights in Strasbourg, little has happened.

One case even ended up in “The Grand Chamber” at the ECtHR, where only a small number of cases are accepted. Here, only cases of great importance to human rights throughout Europe are considered and here also, a Norwegian case is being reviewed.

The Council of Europe reviewed the Naustdal [Bodnariu family] case and Norway lost with an overwhelming majority against them. In countries all the way from the Baltic states to India, there is a strong rebellion against Norway’s treatment of families and children, but still there is little understanding to be found with, among others, the Minister of Children and Equality, Linda Hofstad Helleland about this being “systemised fraud” (according to MP Toppe) Barnevernet. Lawyer Kvilhaug commented about Barnevernet, “Breaking the families and reducing the quality of life of the children.”

Many years ago, Alf Nordhus, a Supreme Court Lawyer would not take on any Barnevernet cases – because ordinary law did not seem to work there. Lawyer Bryn-Tvedt wrote in Aftenposten (Norwegian newspaper) that it seemed as if the help had to come from abroad!

Meanwhile, Norway’s child welfare system (NCWS) continues to expand its operation with a 27 billion (NOK) budget, with well over 5,000 employees and increasing, and 15,820 children are taken from their biological parents – and many others have been placed in emergency homes, but returned. The latter have of course also been severely traumatised with impaired confidence in the parents who have not been able to help them against the superpowers. All this happens on the basis of a family policy that started in the seventies.

This and more, is likely to have caused this large group of professionals to be frightened and to react. Otherwise, it is unheard of that they would go public in this way, and that they do so in the way that one of their leaders, psychologist Einar Salvesen writes to the Christian leaders in an interview with Dagen (Norwegian newspaper) on 18 September 2018, “Hope lies with the Christian people.” In the European debate, he has noted that it is especially Christian Eastern European politicians who have engaged in this. Salvesen also believes that Norwegian Christian leaders should get more engaged.

“Getting the Christian people to enter the arena is the only hope I have. It is time that Christian leaders sit down with us professionals that are engaged in this and find out what we can do together,” says Salvesen.

These are dramatic statements, like “only hope” by a skilled man who has been in hard fights to help families and children in battle with the state apparatus. The statement indicates that the professionals have in one way or another met ‘a spiritual wall’ they are unable to break through with merely professional knowledge, so now they turn to Christians. That may be correct!

My advice is at least, a committee within Christian organisations is set up that works in this area, that helps to lessen what is currently happening. And, a creator and theological spotlight of this attack on the “first kingdom” which is fundamentally important for both parties, in order to reach out to other Christians with requests for help for all the families that are attacked. Also, ask for people to keep [Norwegian citizens] families in their daily prayers. Finally, give guidance to preachers on how to address this from their pulpits in a biblically correct manner. Collaboration with professionals can be considered in relation to facts, but a Christian’s help and solution must be based on the Bible and biblical thinking.

The ideological root of this disaster, not only in Norway but in many Western countries, is in my opinion, a systematic attack on every nation’s foundation: the family – and has its roots in the apostasy of Christians in prayer and preaching, but it also has a great deal to do with the Frankfurter ideologists who were fully conscious and profoundly thoughtful, but their thinking has led to attacks on Western civilization for at least 100 years.

This is pointed out by several insightful thinkers abroad but has gone under the radar in most Western countries. It is time for every human being who wants to preserve the remains of our country and culture to become properly enlightened about what is going on, and in prayer, preaching and practical actions, participate in the fight to help attacked families and publicise and expose everything, so to bring an ending to this terrible system, and back in line with old Norwegian jurisprudence. The Norwegian people do not want such conditions!”


Norwegian Article in Norge IDAG.
Høgetveit, J., “Experts turn to Christian leaders for help against Norway’s child welfare system”

[Photo: / CC0 Creative Commons / Public Domain]