Facebook Challenge

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute.”

The Bible, Proverbs 31:8


Join the Facebook Challenge to support the American children Nikita, Elizabeth and Brigita (in the photo from left to right) to come home. Norway’s notorious child welfare system ‚Barnevernet‘ has forcefully removed them from their loving parents Natalya Shutakova and Zygys Aleksandavicius on 20. May 2019 and placed them in two different foster families.

There was no court proceeding, no investigation, no due process, or assistance given to the family prior to the taking of the children. The children desperately want to come home but the Norwegian authorities won’t release them. Their main concern is the family is perceived to have not a good enough routine. No violence, no abuse, no drugs, just a subjective assessment that the family didn’t reach the standard expected of them. 


Help us to raise awareness on Facebook on this unjust case:

1.  Print out the PDF poster “Norway return the American kids”, take a selfie with it, and then publish it as a public photo on Facebook. Copy and paste the text below along with your photo as an explanation*.

>> Right click HERE to download Poster

2. Nominate 3 other contacts (or more) from your Facebook friends to join the challenge.

3. Sign the petition at: https://citizengo.org/en-eu/sc/171781-sign-american-children-kidnapped-norways-barnevernet



* Copy and paste this text along with your photo on Facebook:

I post this photo to support three American kids to come home. They were needlessly removed from their loving parents by Norway’s notorious child welfare system ‚Barnevernet‘ and placed in two different foster families for no justifiable reason. Now they are allowed to see their parents for only three times per year, and they desperately want to come home. 

I nominate the following people to join this challenge and to post a similar photo like mine in order to stand up for these children:

[tag three (or more) of your friends here]

Join and get the poster here: https://stepup4childrensrights.com/fb-challenge/ 



Note: for this challenge to work it is important to include the Hashtags  #NorwayReturnAmericanChildren  und  #LetTheChildrenBeSetFree  in your text. With these Hashtags all the different photos can be found with just one click, and this will send a powerful message to Norway.