Linda Hofstad Helleland

Is Linda Hofstad Helleland out of her mind?

The Norwegian Minister for Children, Linda Hofstad Helleland, has finally commented today on Barnevernet, the child welfare system in Norway.
She writes that Barnevernet is the best child welfare system and other countries will start to adopt Norway’s system as well. She also says that she will not budge an inch when it comes to the Norwegian child welfare system.
As thousands of families already know from their experience of living under the radar of Barnevernet in Norway, that this statement is absolute tosh, and reeks of arrogance, denial, and narcissism. Sadly, nothing will change in Norway, for the targeted and persecuted children and their families.
This article from the children’s Minister is a continued attempt to brainwash, condition and indoctrinate the Norwegian population. It’s very effective as well, but also extremely tragic, especially for the thousands of families and their children who have suffered and are suffering extensively under Norway’s dysfunctional and destructive child welfare system. The Humanitarian crisis in Norway continues with no sign of change. It really is time for a swift International intervention.
Another system defender (without any facts) wrote recently that Barnevernet was not anti-family or anti-Christian. This is also utter nonsense. The behaviour of Norway’s child welfare system exhibits all the hallmarks of an anti-child/anti-parent and anti-Christian (values) leaning.
Another article was published today with regards to the awful conditions that children find themselves in, in institutions in Oslo. Children have reported that they were thrown against the wall, held so tightly, that it was near enough impossible to breath. One child commented that it isn’t right to have two grown men hold you down, and then compared it to being worse than martial arts. When the audit was done, not one qualified worker was at work.
Written by Steven Bennett
New report reveals forced labour at child welfare institutions, and brutal actions against children:
The Minister for children says that she will not budge an inch when it comes to the Norwegian child welfare system:–Norsk-barnevern-gar-foran-Snart-vil-andre-land-komme-etter-oss
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