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Let the sleeping dog sleep? How Norway deals with the latest Paedophile scandal

Reports from experts are adding a lot of weight on the scale when Barnevernet wants to take children away from their parents and siblings. The child psychiatrist Jo Erik Brøyn was allowed to write quite a few of these due to his loyalty towards the views of his employer, a service that also gave him a seat within the Child expert commission, the body which evaluates the expert reports in Child Welfare cases.

In April this year, Brøyn was sentenced to prison for downloading, storing, and sharing pictures and films showing sexual abuse of children: almost 200.000 pictures, and 12.000 films with 4.000 hours of this material. The child psychiatrist was a diligent user of this archive he spent 20 years collecting; when his workday was over, he relished the time spent watching oral sex between boys, oral sex with little boys who were forced to practice on grown men, the rape of children and even infants, and all sorts of unimaginable perversities. Activities that normal people react to with vomiting, crying, rage, and disbelief, is making Brøyn very happy because it makes him so calm and relaxed!

The Norwegian media is very silent about this scandal, and the paedophile on trial gets to keep his anonymity, an anonymity that takes away the chance of a new review in cases where Brøyn is jointly responsible and where parents have lost their children to the state.

Tim Whewell, the BBC journalist, knows the Norwegian Child Welfare crisis since he was here in Norway in 2016 when the Bodnariu case engaged an entire planet. His second BBC documentary on Barnevernet was made in the wake of this Brøyn case, and he named it „Norway’s Silent Scandal“. The silence after the verdict in this case, is very shocking to this reporter who claims that in England, such a verdict would have become a public scandal and created a considerable public debate and very visible headlines in the media!

In the documentary, Whewell asks the former Children’s Ombudsman (2004 – 2012) Reidar Hjermann if he thinks the delight in seeing children being abused may have had an impact on Brøyn’s work. „It may and it may not,“ Hjermann answers, without knowing the identity of the convicted expert, but very well informed about his work relations with Barnevernet.

Then he shows no more concern about the matter. Not until he is confronted with Brøyn overruling one of Hjermann’s own reports, which makes him personally affected. He then starts to consider it, that it might be a good idea to look at the cases where Brøyn has been involved after all?!

However, nobody is interested in scrutinizing Brøyn’s work, nobody within Barnevernet and nobody within the public authorities. The Children’s Expert Commission had looked into what he has done there, and they find it all so very infallible! The convicted and disgraced child psychiatrist, as Whewell repeatedly calls him, is the father of twins, twins that Brøyn bought from an Indian surrogate mother, at a bargain price. At the time, it was widely talked about in the media, with a photo showing Brøyn, who receives income from Barnevernet, with the two motherless children in his arms.

This role as a father is made relevant in court by Thore Langfeldt (see photo above). The specialist in clinical psychology and clinical sexology knows the defendant well, and he claims that the two toddlers need to be able to stay with their paedophile abuse-enjoying father.

Thanks to social media, Brøyn’s identity is known after all, and parents discover with fear that the person who judged them unfit to parent, the person who had a key role in the process of taking their children away in constructed cases, is a notorious appreciator of watching child abuse! In addition, they terrifyingly discover that he gets to keep his children! Cecilie Bedsvaag and Inez Isabel Arnesen are two of these parents. In the documentary, the meetings with these two women make a comprehensive impression; they are both randomly affected by a system in deep crisis.

The verdict led to loss of his authorisation as a psychiatrist, for what other reason than his unsuitability to be an expert in child welfare cases? Then why won’t the hundreds of children he has been partly responsible for affecting for life, be able to get their cases re-evaluated when his expert reports turn out to be worthless?

That must be because the expert industry will not be able to survive all the hundreds of cases that will have to be brought up again in court. This is not news to expert in clinical psychology Reidar Hjermann, and neither to the specialist in clinical psychology and sexology Thore Langfeldt. In addition, this would have been a scandal to our authorities, that would prove to the world that the criticism aimed at the Barnevernet abuse is eligible!

Langfeldt turns rather jovial when asked to comment on Tim Whewell documentary trip: „When you phoned me, I said: my god what is he doing? He is coming over here to talk about such a case which is a normal case in Norway; we have lots of them!“ I think that there are more cases of people being convicted that have been working with children. If you should take all those cases up…. It will be hundreds and hundreds of people, and I think the system would collapse. Let the sleeping dog sleep.”

The assertion made by Langfeldt about the Brøyn case not being outstanding or the only one, about Norway having numerous cases like this, is a true gift! In this connection, Langfeldt is not just an anybody. With his own institution meant to (try to) treat paedophiles, he is in exquisite possession of insight when it comes to the existence of such people, who they are, and where they work. Here, he is confirming that this is a normal situation within Barnevernet!

Just like a numberless amount of people who have learned to know Barnevernet from the inside, have claimed all along, that this is not people with a normal sense of emotional life. Nobody could possibly know that Barnevernet is crawling with paedophiles, but that there were many deviants there should be rather easy to spot right on. And not only among the experts, but they exist among the barnevernet employees, the police, and within the judiciary.

The information given by Thore Langfeldt makes him very important in the investigation of the use of paedophiles in the child welfare industry.


Written by Margaret Hennum

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