Modern Human Trafficking in Norway?

Is this human trafficking? Norwegian lawyer Olav Sylte suggests it’s as close as you can get in the Norwegian article linked at the end of this commentary.

A girl (10 years old) was taken into care by Norway’s Child Welfare System “Barnevernet” in 2014. The girl wanted to stay with her family – her older sister. In fact, the family also wanted the girl to stay with her older sister, who was 30 years old.

Barnevernet refused this request and instead placed the girl at an employee’s (Barnevernet team leader) sister, who was currently out of work.
At the same time, the team leader’s sister received money from the child welfare office to be a shelter for the girl. The girl’s very resourceful older sister had her own children, and desperately wanted to take care of her younger sister. She would have done this for free as well.

“This is far more widespread than one thinks in Norway”, comments Olav Sylte.

“I have also come across a number of families who had their children abducted from Barnevernet, only to find out that a friend or relative of an employee of Barnevernet took ‘care’ of their children, and took care of the money that came flooding in as well.”

Is this modern day Human Trafficking – Barnevernet style?



[Foto: / CC0 Creative Commons]