Norway Update - Jan 2018/1

Norway update – January 2018/1

Norway uncovered one of the biggest paedophile rings in the world in 2016. Read more here.

Norway, going by some recent reports, sadly has a sex abuse epidemic in the education system. Read more here. (Needs a google translate)

Also, this month, it was reported that thousands of people are selling private childcare services, while they are employed by the child welfare office! Read more here. (This is a google translation)

Could these recent revelations about child abuse and the child welfare system in Norway be distraction techniques? Of course, these two reports alone may suggest a welfare and education system in a dysfunctional and immoral mess.

These are big stories in Norway, but they also create a diversion from the real problem – the silent war on the family, with the systematic attack, and the violation of privacy, often resulting in the law being misused, abused or totally ignored. That’s the real problem that the authorities time and time again ignore or just trivialise.

The main problem, or the main news in Norway should be, the taking away of thousands of children from normal parents during recent years.

During the last few days alone, it has become even clearer to me, that the attack on families is being heightened in Norway and at the same time, the threats and bullying by Barnevernet intensifies.


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