Norway’s Child Welfare System – Breaking Down Families

It still comes as a shock for many people to find out about the horrendous, ongoing violations of children’s Human Rights, committed every week by Norway’s child welfare system.

This is not a new phenomenon in Norway, far from it, the injustice we see today in Norway has been happening for over 20 years now. But, the war on the family is certainly intensifying in these days, and getting very much worse.

I would suggest, if anyone’s interested in family rights and the abuse of power, study what has been going on in Norway during the last 20 years or so.  During this time, many professionals and victims of abuse, who have spoken up, have been bullied and threatened into silence. Many Norwegian professionals who stood up for children and their families were ostracised from society and many have ended up reclusive.

Norwegian lawyer, Sverre Kvilhaug, wrote the following in 1999:

Today’s child welfare breaks down the families and reduces the children’s quality of life – The child welfare must be forced to work with the families instead of opposing them.”

By Sverre Kvilhaug.

“In the Norwegian Child Welfare, for many years, the family has been regarded as something very negative and destructive as one would rather keep the child far away from.“The solution” – which will solve all the child’s problems both in the short and long term, considers child welfare to a very large extent and with the support of the presumptuous experts, is to remove the child from the family and preferably keep the relationship between children and parents at such a low level as possible, often a few hours a couple of times a year. At the same time, it is a paradox and illustrative of the welfare of the child welfare that despite such very limited visitation arrangements, one constantly finds that parents are blamed for all negative developments while the child is “under the care” of child welfare, while foster parents are praised for anything that goes well.”

It looks as if Sverre Kvilhaug’s work included a lot of research not only regarding the legal rights of children, but also the psychological damage that Norway’s child welfare system inflicts on children. His articles are well worth reading.