Norway’s next scandal? Millionaire accused of sexual abuse!

A Norwegian entrepreneur in his 30’s has made millions at a company that provides foster care (private and public) in Norway. Now, he himself is accused of abusing his own foster son and of offering him 100,000 Kroner (9,800 Euro) to change his story. Supposedly, it is said to be a man who had made negative headlines already a few years earlier. Back in 2017 he was apparently working for a public child welfare watch while at the same time he earned millions through selling private child welfare services:

Photo: Screenshot

This man also seems to have a pedophile history, because according to Norwegian activists it is the same man who was caught in 2013 for downloading and possessing photos and videos related to child pornography:

Photo: Screenshot / Google Translate

The really concerning thing is, that the Norwegian authorities and the child welfare system have known about this since 2013, and yet he was still able to foster children and make decisions on what children should be removed from their families, as well as making millions in the process from the foster care business. This is beyond a scandal and many children have suffered incredibly in the meantime.

Photo: Screenshot

Meanwhile the alleged child sex abuser handed over responsibility of his business to the board of directors of the company he owns, which has been trading for tens of millions in recent years, to his brother. However, he still owns all the shares in the company. He is expected to receive just six years in prison and the foster business STAYS IN THE FAMILY!

How safe are children in Norway when they are taken away from their families, sometimes to hidden addresses and sometimes with name changes?


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