Polish Consul

Norway’s next scandal: Polish consul expelled from the country for criticizing Barnevernet

Slawomir Kowalski has served as Poland’s consul in Norway, but he is no longer wanted there. Prime Minister Erna Solberg has now expelled him from the country. Could this be related to the case of Silje Garmo, a Norwegian mother who had fled the country and just received political asylum in Poland a month ago? Garmo was on the run, afraid that Norway’s Child care system ‚Barnevernet‘ would take her now 24 month old daugther away from her.

Kowalski was known for helping Polish families in Norway who had problems with the local Child care system. Earlier in June 2018 he was even physically prevented from meeting a family that had requested his help. This received international criticism. Tomáš Zdechovský, Czech member of the European Parliament, commented on this issue in September 2018:

„At the end of June 2018, particular attention was given to a case in which Barnevernet took a six-year old child away from a Polish-Norwegian couple. When the parents were summoned to the proceedings they requested help from the Polish Consul, who was physically prevented by the Norwegian police from entering. The parents were also deprived of their right to speak in their mother tongue. Norway is therefore violating the fundamental human rights of the parents in question, and it is violating the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations in its dealings with Poland.“  >> click HERE to read full document.

Einar Salvesen, a highly respected clinical Psychologist in Norway, is outraged about the government’s move against the Polish consul. He comments on KKN (Christian Coalition World):

„It is a scandal that Prime Minister Erna Solberg will expel Poland’s consul Slawomir Kowalski. She should instead thank him [Kowalski] for his effort and give him a medal!“

Human Rights counsel Marius Reikeras comments on Facebook:

„This is business as usual in Norway. If you claim your Human Rights to be heard, you are in serious danger for being declared an ‚enemy of the state'“.