Norway’s Prime Minister refuses to answer questions about child welfare

On Norway’s TV2 news last night, the Norwegian prime minister, Erna Solberg, refused to answer any question in person, but instead her staff replied in writing with the same statements as before:
„… the government is working to improve the child welfare act …“ etc.
The Norwegian government needs to stop fiddling with the welfare act and start answering a real question here:
What is a good childhood? Because, the list of what is not seen as a good childhood is getting longer and longer in Norway. When single mothers, or parents with a sick or bullied child, are treated the same way as someone who is violently abusive and heavily on drugs, the question to be answered is not the one the prime minister wants it to be.
Norway’s child welfare system continues to chaotically and frenetically ask the media to bring forth the good stories (solskinnshistoriene). Those stories exist without Norway’s child welfare system being involved too. If Norway’s child welfare system didn’t needlessly interfere with so many children’s lives and family life, far more happy stories would exist.
Over the years, Norway has created the second most conformist country in the world, by a very manipulative and clever programming of many of its population. To establish a tyranny with the support of the nation, slaves of servitude are necessary, so as to carry out programmes that the ruling elite and its community consider to be for the „common good“ of the people.