Berit Aarset, a Norwegian nurse, foster mother and grandmother, leader of Human Rights Alert – Norway (HRA-N) and author of Abuse of Power and the Miscarriage of Justice (“Maktovergrep og Justismord”) observed:

“Norwegian authorities have built up an image abroad that human rights (ECHR and UN conventions) are respected here in Norway. They have managed this by acting as peacemakers, fighting for human rights in other countries, investing millions in social welfare programmes (in reality, social order programmes) around the world, and awarding the Nobel Peace prize annually. At the same time, Norwegian authorities are causing children and families great harm through the way their child welfare system works in Norway. From the hundreds of cases we have witnessed, one characteristic is that everyone is expected to report everyone else to Barnevernet for the slightest of “misdemeanours”. This is very similar to how the Stasi operated in East Germany between 1949 to 1990.”

[Photo: / CC0 Creative Commons]