Open letter to Consul Whitaker at the US Embassy in Oslo

US Consul William W. Whitaker has responded to our open letter. Sadly, his answer was not what we were hoping for:

Thank you for your message. You are indeed correct—our Department’s highest priority is the welfare of United States citizens abroad. Due to privacy concerns, we cannot comment on the details of specific cases involving U.S. citizens. Broadly speaking, in a foreign country, U.S. citizens are subject to that country’s laws, even if they differ from those in the United States. The U.S. government does not provide legal assistance to U.S. citizens abroad, but if a U.S. citizen requires a legal remedy abroad (and has not already secured legal representation on his or her own), we provide a reference list of attorneys on the embassy website that U.S. citizens can consult. You can find more information on the services we provide on the Embassy website and


In reply we have sent him an other open letter:


Open Letter to the Honorable William W. Whitaker,
Consular Chief at the United States Embassy to Norway

Vienna, 17. September 2019


Dear Mr. Whitaker,

thank you very much for your quick response. Could you please explain to us, how a child of minor age like Tyler can get legal assistance for his own? How is he supposed to contact any lawyer from the reference list on the embassy website that you have mentioned to us? He has just turned 8 years.

Tyler’s case is an extreme case of abduction and child trafficking. His American identity was completely erased and his whereabouts are kept secret. You’re not seriously telling us, that all you can do to secure the welfare of this American citizen, is pointing us to your embassy website?

In this past year we have seen how the U.S. government has directly meddled in the affairs of other countries in order to release detained/arrested Americans. Certainly it can intervene in Norway to protect an innocent American child.

If this issue of Tyler’s abduction isn’t solved in due time, it might be brought up at Ambassador Braithwaite’s up coming hearing on Capitol Hill.


Björn Korf
Step up 4 Children’s Rights

Eduard Pröls

Jan Ledóchowski
Plattform Christdemokratie