Open Letter to the US Embassy in Oslo

Open Letter to the Honorable Kenneth Braithwaite
United States Ambassador to Norway

William Whitaker
Consular Chief at the United States Embassy to Norway


Vienna, 6. November 2019

Your Excellencies,

I believe you are familiar with Ms. Amy Jakobsen’s and Mrs. Natalya Shutakova’s & Zigintas Aleksandravicius‘ cases as they have appealed to the US consulate for assistance. As far as I understand, you’ve not provided them with the assistance that they deserve. May I kindly remind you that the welfare of United States citizens abroad should be the State Department’s highest priority.

To recap: in July of 2013 Amy Jakobsen’s son Tyler (19 months) was brutally abducted by the Norwegian state and sent to live with strangers at a secret address for no valid reason. The only reason given for still depriving Tyler of his mother until today is the American citizenship as this is viewed as a potential abduction risk. Tyler’s name was even changed twice so that the mother wouldn’t find out where he lives. Furthermore reports indicate that Tyler was tortured in foster care and that he wants to be with his mother Amy Jakobsen.

And in May of this year Mrs. Natalya Shutakova’s & Zigintas Aleksandravicius‘ three children (Brigita (11), Nikita (10), and Elizabeth (7)) were also brutally abducted by the Norwegian state and sent to live with strangers for no justifiable reason. Furthermore, the parents have evidence that the children are suffering horrible physical and mental abuse while being in foster care.

The Norwegian authorities won’t release those children. It is very obvious that in both cases several articles of the UN convention on the rights of the child were heavily violated. Those children are being deprived of their rights. They have the right to be raised by their parents. They also have the right for regular contact and relationship with their parents even when they are separated from them. They have the right to have their own identity, but placing them in foster care and even changing the name like in Tyler‘s case completely ignores this right.

The US State Department must act immediately to bring justice to those American children. It is not acceptable that they are being continuously traumatized and that their rights are being completely overlooked. And if I may add, stealing foreign citizens is nothing else but kidnapping which is a serious act of war.

Björn Korf

Step up 4 Children’s Rights


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