Norway, return the American kids – Open Letter to the Norwegian Embassy in Vienna/Austria

On June 18th we met for a small demonstration at the Norwegian embassy in Vienna / Austria, in order to raise awareness for the American children who were needlessly seized in Norway. We were able to speak with the deputy ambassador and we handed him an open letter which he promised to send to the prime ministers office.


Open Letter to the Honorable Kjersti Ertresvaag Andersen,
Ambassador of the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Vienna

Vienna, 18. June 2020

Dear Madam Ambassador,

sadly again we have to protest at the Norwegian Embassy in Vienna and again we have to draw attention to the case of the America born children and United States citizens Brigita Aleksandravicius (12 years), Nikita Aleksandravicius (10 years) and Elizabeth Aleksandravicius (8 years), who were wrongfully seperated from their parents Natalya Shutakova (Mother, United States citizen) and Zigintas Aleksandravicius (Father, Lithuanian citizen). This family had moved from America to Norway in September 2018 on a temporay basis due to a new job situation. They were not planning to stay in Norway for a longer period of time.

The seizure of the children happened in a very inhumane way, late at night on 20 May 2019. The children were already peacefully asleep and they were ripped from their beds. There was no legal ground for seizing those children. There was no court proceeding, no investigation, no due process, or assistance given to the family prior to the taking of the children nor was the lives of the children in any kind of danger. We hope we can agree that children can only be removed from their families with compelling reasons in extraordinary circumstances.

Responsible for this brutal overreach is Barnevernet at Notodden Kommune (Notodden og Hjartdal barneverntjeneste). The name of the case worker is Annette Fillingsnes. The children ever since have been moved around to several Norwegian foster families. Currently each child is forced to stay at a different foster family at a secret location. They don‘t have contact with each other and they can only see their parents 3x per year.

This is a serious multiple violation of the UN convention on the rights of the child which can not be tolerated. Apart from the legal situation the children also suffer horrific trauma as they are forced to live with strangers. They desperately want to come home to their parents and their siblings. We hope we can agree that this situation is in no way in any good interest of the children.

Those children need to be brought back to their parents immediately. We urge Minister Kjell Ingolf Ropstad to act now. He must held Barnevernet at Notodden Kommune accountable for their wrongful actions and for violating the rights of those children. We can not tolerate that those children are being continuously traumatized for more than a year and that their rights are being completely overlooked under his term of office.


Eduard Pröls

Björn Korf
Step up 4 Children’s Rights

Jan Ledochowski
Plattform Christdemokratie