‚Our hearts are shattered‘: Norway takes permanent custody of three American kids

As we had reported earlier, three American children were forcefully removed from their parents by Norway’s dysfunctional child welfare system. A child welfare court (known as ‚Fylkesnemnda‘, which is rather a board than a court) has ruled in September that the children have to remain in state custody in two different foster families at secret locations.

This happened even though the police had already dropped the criminal case against the parents as no evidence was found. „Our hearts are shattered“, told us Natalya Shutakova, mother of Elizabeth (7), Nikita (10) and Brigita (11). The photo above was taken on 27th September when the parents saw their children the last time.

Steven Bennett, author of STOLEN CHILDHOOD, commented on Facebook:

„The children desperately want to come home but the Norwegian authorities won’t release them. Their main concern is the family is perceived to have not a good enough routine. No violence, no abuse, no drugs, just a subjective assessment that the family didn’t reach the standard expected of them“.

Meanwhile Natalya and her husband Zigintas Aleksandravicius have missed the 10th birthday of their son Nikita. „We weren‘t even allowed to send presents“, said Natalya. They will try to appeal the child welfare court’s decision, which only allows them to see their children three times per year now. This quickly implemented measure indicates that Norway’s child welfare system ‚Barnevernet‘ wants to cut the bonds between the parents and their children in order to release them into forced adoption.

What’s needed now is an international outcry on behalf of this family. Otherwise the chances of seeing this family getting reunited will be very low. Remember: this is a case of innocent American children who were taken away from their Christian family in Norway for no good reason. They are now being heavily traumatized in foster care. But America remains silent. And even worse the American churches remain silent. Where are the Pastors and Christians leaders in the US who would speak up against this injustice? Have they not read their bible?


„Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves, for the rights of all who are destitute. Speak up and judge fairly; defend the rights of the poor and needy“.


Proverbs 31:8-9