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Russian Roulette in Norway’s Child Welfare system?

An article in last Tuesday’s Dagbladet (The daily magazine), a Norwegian daily newspaper, reported on a mother who had her baby taken away at six weeks old by Norway’s child welfare system, Barnevernet.

Three judges handled the case at the end of June this year, supporting the decision to take the six week old baby away in 2017. A few weeks later, on the 16 July 2018, and by mistake, the same case was sent to three different judges, who had no knowledge that the case had already been looked at.

The three new judges came to a completely different conclusion, that the child should be returned to their mother immediately.

Sadly, this is Norway, and to keep a child in the system is very lucrative, and any small chance of a parent being reunited with their child is nearly always thwarted and stopped. But, this was a big chance, and another example of Norway not respecting children or family rights, and another example of Norway spitting in the face of the European conventions that they have signed up to.

The authorities have said that they will only respect the first decision. Russian Roulette continues in a system that terrorises an able and caring mother and child. Chaos, madness and terror reign in Norway’s child welfare system, Barnevernet.


Norwegian Article in „Dagbladet“, 21. Aug. 2018


[Foto: / CC0 Creative Commons]