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09 – A look behind the scenes: Norway’s Child Welfare Service

A look behind the Scenes

Marius Reikerås is a Human Rights Expert from Norway and he is deeply concerned how the authorities in his country deal with Child welfare. In this interview he gives us a closer look behind the scenes.

Breastfeeding not allowed? The case of Amy J.

Amy J. with B. Korf

Amy J. is an American citizen who lives in Norway. In July 2013 her worst nightmare began. Without any warning, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services known as ‚Barnevernet‘ accompanied by police knocked at her door, saying that her… Read More

Stillen verboten – Der Fall der Amy J.

Amy J. with B. Korf

Im Juli 2013 beginnt für die in Norwegen lebende Amerikanerin Amy J. der größte Alptraum ihres Lebens. Das norwegische Jugendamt ‚Barnevernet‘ steht unangemeldet mit Polizei vor der Tür. Der 19-monatige Sohn Tyler müsse sofort zu einer Untersuchung ins… Read More