Schlagwort: Einar C. Salvesen

Norway’s New Brainchild

Many people believe that Norway’s child welfare system (NCWS), Barnevernet, has already turned into a monster, and in some quarters, that is certainly the case. However, a new program called “Child brain protection” (Barnehjernevernet) could expand Barnevernet’s influence… Mehr erfahren

„I know both sides“ – Psychologist Einar Salvesen criticizes Norway’s Child Welfare system

Einar Salvesen

The Herland Report TV has released an interview with Einar Salvesen who has worked with Norwegian Child Protective Services’ cases for many years. He is the founder of KIB, an organization with close to 300 experts connected to… Mehr erfahren


On July 26, 2014, Norwegian child psychologist Einar C. Salvesen was interviewed by Jolanta Miškinytė, a journalist from Lithuania. Miškinytė was writing about a specific case (N.N.) in Norway, where a child had been taken away from the… Mehr erfahren