Schlagwort: European Court of Human Rights

A family targeted, a mother dehumanised and Hans Magnus’ rights trodden on in Norway!

Sylvia Gustavsen Ensby writes (translated): “I’ll support you all the way,” said my GP at Hole Medical Centre when we were there and found out that we were having a child. Before the appointment, and almost in disbelief,… Read More


MEP Tomáš Zdechovský tells the tragic story of a baby who was ripped from her parents’ loving arms. To their pure delight, Maxine was born to the Ladická family in January 2015. But their joy sadly did not… Read More


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Human Rights Court concludes: Norway has violated Human Rights in a Child welfare case

Court room

Amazing news! This could be a breakthrough for many children and their families living in Norway. It’s certainly a breakthrough for one family. This morning, it was reported in Norwegian media that the European Human Rights Court concludes… Read More