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The image of Norway would sink in the sand

Berit Aarset, a Norwegian nurse, foster mother and grandmother, leader of Human Rights Alert – Norway (HRA-N) and author of Abuse of Power and the Miscarriage of Justice (“Maktovergrep og Justismord”) observed: “The authorities and its system defenders… Read More

BE AWARE – Propaganda conference to push Norway’s child welfare policies

Internationally renowned human rights lawyer Ruby Harrold-Claesson commented just before a pro-Norway’s child welfare system event took place in Oslo. She wrote: “In Oslo, an event has been set up on 22th November 2018 called Lucy Smith’s Children’s… Read More

Is Norway funding the world into adopting its dysfunctional child welfare system?

Internationally known Human Rights lawyer, Ruby Harrold-Claesson wrote: “Norway’s Children’s Minister, Linda Hofstad Helleland, was right. Not in her claims that Norway’s CPS is the best CPS, but that “other countries in the world will copy Norway’s system”…. Read More

Open Letter to the Counsellor of the Norwegian Embassy in Vienna

Björn Korf u. Eduard Pröls

Dear Mr. Counsellor, Thank you for the friendly conversation last night in front of the Norwegian Embassy in Vienna. It was a great honor for me to meet you in person. Please find below the link I’ve mentioned… Read More


In an article titled “Experts turn to Christian leaders for help against Norway’s child welfare system”, that featured in Norge IDAG on 14 Nov 2018, Jørgen Høgetveit highlighted the current uprising that’s happening right now in Norway. Høgetveit… Read More

Convicted pedophile appeals for reduced prison sentence

A child psychologist who has practiced as an expert in Norway’s infamous child welfare system Barnevernet for 20 years, has pleaded to have his prison sentence reduced from 22 months to 2 months with community service. The decision… Read More

13 – Norway’s Child Welfare system has nearly killed me

Leen Suzanne

This is a MUST LISTEN! Norway totally overlooked Leen Suzanne’s human rights, and fed her drug after drug that, it has now been discovered, she didn’t need. Leen was perfectly healthy before Norway’s child welfare system forcibly entered… Read More

Emil’s abduction at birth

Norwegian mother Ronja Ophaug was harassed by Norway’s Child welfare System throughout her pregnancy. She recalls the terrifying events below: “My name is Ronja Ophaug. I’m 21 years old and live in Norway. Barnevernet, Norway’s child welfare system,… Read More

Human Rights Court concludes: Norway has violated Human Rights in a Child welfare case

Court room

Amazing news! This could be a breakthrough for many children and their families living in Norway. It’s certainly a breakthrough for one family. This morning, it was reported in Norwegian media that the European Human Rights Court concludes… Read More

Is Linda Hofstad Helleland out of her mind?

Linda Hofstad Helleland

The Norwegian Minister for Children, Linda Hofstad Helleland, has finally commented today on Barnevernet, the child welfare system in Norway.     She writes that Barnevernet is the best child welfare system and other countries will start to… Read More