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13 – Norway’s Child Welfare system has nearly killed me

Leen Suzanne

This is a MUST LISTEN! Norway totally overlooked Leen Suzanne’s human rights, and fed her drug after drug that, it has now been discovered, she didn’t need. Leen was perfectly healthy before Norway’s child welfare system forcibly entered… Read More

Emil’s abduction at birth

Norwegian mother Ronja Ophaug was harassed by Norway’s Child welfare System throughout her pregnancy. She recalls the terrifying events below: “My name is Ronja Ophaug. I’m 21 years old and live in Norway. Barnevernet, Norway’s child welfare system,… Read More

Human Rights Court concludes: Norway has violated Human Rights in a Child welfare case

Court room

Amazing news! This could be a breakthrough for many children and their families living in Norway. It’s certainly a breakthrough for one family. This morning, it was reported in Norwegian media that the European Human Rights Court concludes… Read More

Is Linda Hofstad Helleland out of her mind?

Linda Hofstad Helleland

The Norwegian Minister for Children, Linda Hofstad Helleland, has finally commented today on Barnevernet, the child welfare system in Norway.     She writes that Barnevernet is the best child welfare system and other countries will start to… Read More

Russian Roulette in Norway’s Child Welfare system?

Mother & Baby

An article in last Tuesday’s Dagbladet (The daily magazine), a Norwegian daily newspaper, reported on a mother who had her baby taken away at six weeks old by Norway’s child welfare system, Barnevernet. Three judges handled the case… Read More

A mother’s story of her escape from Norway

I lived in Norway for just over a year because my husband was working there. I have two small children, three and six years old. Little did I know at the time, that I was putting my children… Read More

European Consul abused by Norwegian Police in Barnevernet-Case

Police & Child

Christian Coalition World (KKN) has received a copy of the official report from «Barnevernet» (Norway´s «Child Protection Services») in the case of an intervention in a family to take a six year old child in a county close… Read More

12 – Teenage Girl on the run: „How Norway’s CPS has put my life at risk“

Teenage Girl on the run

In this Podcast Episode we introduce you to a 14-year old Girl who has fled from Norway. We won’t mention her name in order to protect her privacy. Human Rights counsel Marius Reikerås has travelled from Norway to… Read More

11 – Escape to Dubai

Escape to Dubai

In early 2017 a Swedish/Finnish family that has lived in Norway fled to Dubai. The Child Welfare services wanted to remove their daughter a second time. Now they’re fighting to get their rights back. Hear from the mother and her brave 10-year old child as they share their sad story.

Norway’s Child Welfare System – Breaking Down Families

It still comes as a shock for many people to find out about the horrendous, ongoing violations of children’s Human Rights, committed every week by Norway’s child welfare system. This is not a new phenomenon in Norway, far… Read More