Kjell Ingolf Ropstad

The Family Destroyer from the Norwegian Christian Party / Krf


The Norwegian Christian Party (Krf) holds its banner high when it comes to family values. Krf fronted the extra financial support to families with children under the age of three and the increase of the already existing financial support to families with children under 18. Krf also negotiated with the government very recently with a promise of restrictive changes to the abortion act.

Krf requested the position for the ministry of children and family, and the request was granted. Last week, Dagbladet published an interview of the new Minister for children and families, Kjell Ingolf Ropstad. And the Minister from Krf made a “great impression”. Ropstad stated:

“There is no basis for asserting that Barnevernet [Norway’s Child Welfare System] is intervening in cases without genuine reason as some critics claim. Children who have been taken into Barnevernet care, are in need of care and protection.

Ropstad has used his time well; after only five weeks in his ministerial seat, he has gained a complete overview of NCWS. He vouches for how the Barnevernet intervenes in families, and he wants more of this as well. Every day, five children lose their families, but this is not enough for Ropstad. He signs up for more foster homes, and he has the power to provide with them.

On the same day as this article in Dagbladet was published, the newspaper Firda reminds their readers of one of Barnevernet’s transgressions, those transgressions that Ropstad claims to be supportive of: the abuse towards the Bodnariu family in Naustdal in Sogn & Fjordane. Firda reported that the Bodnariu family’s case was accepted to be tried at the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) in Strasbourg, and the newspaper sums up their case like this:

“In autumn 2015, five children were taken from a Norwegian-Romanian couple. In the media abroad, the reason given was because of “religious indoctrination”. Here in Norway, the case was about domestic abuse.”

I’m taking for granted that the newspaper refers to the public part in this case, like they usually do. What Barnevernet calls domestic violence, was in reality a light smack as part of their child raising. This light smack was the reason for NCWS with the help of the police to take all five children from their home and keep them away from their home for seven months, but the baby was returned just before the other Bodnariu children were released. Barnevernet’s first contact with the family, was to remove the children from their home. In this case that they call a case of domestic violence, Barnevernet writes in their reports, that the family is very Christian, and that one of the grandmothers is a radical Christian.

How Christian do you think a family should be allowed to be, Mr. Ropstad, before the child welfare services ought to intervene in their home and you show up with a state financed foster home?

In Amy Jakobson’s case, Barnevernet separated parent and child because the mother was breastfeeding the child at the age of 18 months, and the child was insignificantly below the weight percentage.

How long do you think a mother should be allowed to breastfeed her child, Mr. Ropstad, when the child is satisfied and in good health, before you make a foster home available?

Children have lost their families due to overweight, and slightly obese parents can make Barnevernet worried.

What do you think the upper limit for BMI should be, Mr. Ropstad, for both children and parents, before you make a foster home available? (Please, do ask the other political leaders for advice on this one if you find this question too hard to answer.)

Another case you are now responsible for, and that you so wholeheartedly defended the process in, is the removal of Natalie De Linde’s five children in the summer of 2016.

They were happy and well-functioning children when they lived with their mum, but the family had moved too much, Barnevernet said. The fact that the child welfare services are bluffing when they uttered their concern about frequent relocation is efficiently proven by their “remedy” to the problem: the loss of their mother and the separation of the siblings BY RELOCATION! The oldest child kept running away from foster care and back home, and eventually he got to stay with his mother. The second child has been relocated FOUR TIMES by Barnevernet since 2016, and this child has become suicidal because he wants his mum! Despite this, the agency forces him away from his mother and to live in an institution. The mother and child became so desperate that they tried, in pure self-[family]protection, to get to Poland to apply for political asylum there.

In your opinion, Mr. Ropstad, how frequently can a family move before you make foster homes available?

In another case, the most weighing argument to intervene in the family, was that a departed great grandmother had been cheating on her husband. For how many generations after, Mr. Ropstad, do you believe that cheating is to be emphasised as a reason in a Barnevernet case?

Recently, the story of the three Tonga brothers who were wrongfully diagnosed as mentally retarded has led to a national uproar. In hindsight, it has been exposed that a company is travelling from municipality to municipality to help them diagnose random people to be able to ensure a balanced municipal account. In fact, diagnoses like this one ensures the municipalities highly appreciated transactions from the state.

As a young girl, Sylvia Gustavsen Ensby was one of those diagnosed as mentally retarded. The diagnosis is put in her medical journal with a note saying that the patient and her mother have not been made aware of it! Barnevernet made sure that Sylvia and her husband lost their son by forced adoption, based on this hidden and wrongful diagnosis! And, that is not a unique experience; Natasha Feline also lost her twins the same way, and had to flee to Poland to save her family. The same wrongful diagnosis.

With your statement in Dagbladet, Mr. Ropstad, you defend the intervening in the two cases above!

A Norwegian family was recently granted refugee asylum in Poland due to violations of human rights in Norway. Through the Family Channel, Rune Fardal repeatedly reports of new families who have fled and now are safe in Poland.

The child welfare services in Stavanger has been exposed with corruption and violation of Turkish law by kidnapping Turkish children from within Turkish borders. A Swedish/Finish family living in Norway has now fled to Dubai. The Bodnariu family moved to Romania when it was impossible to feel safe at their home in Naustdal after the kidnappings there, and because Barnevernet had no intention of leaving them be, after the serious trauma Barnevernet afflicted on the family.

Ingar Marthe Thorkildsen, a former minister of children and equality, caringly and smilingly proclaimed that all children are the state’s children. She acted according to her conviction, and nearly demolished Vibeke Vedvik’s whole family. A family she had never known and never met, by filing a so-called report of concern. Unfortunately, IMT’s political party (SV, the socialistic leftists) seems to have no worries whatsoever about how children and families are treated by the public services and authorities, as long as there are no private companies on the state payrolls.

There were higher expectations of the minister from the Christian Party. However, the Dagbladet article yesterday was shockingly clarifying!

When the minister of children and family defends and is rooting for forced adoptions of children based on false diagnoses on the parents, the Norwegian people should be fearfully alarmed.




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[Photo: Mona Høvset / CC BY-SA 4.0]