The image of Norway would sink in the sand

Berit Aarset, a Norwegian nurse, foster mother and grandmother, leader of Human Rights Alert – Norway (HRA-N) and author of Abuse of Power and the Miscarriage of Justice (“Maktovergrep og Justismord”) observed:

“The authorities and its system defenders will always defend the decision to take children away from the Bodnariu family and others alike. The Norwegian authorities cannot be told, and are convinced that everything they do is excellent, and that every country should follow their lead. Tragically, this is the reality of the situation in Norway. The Bodnariu case represents thousands of other similar cases where children are taken away from their families for purely ideologically driven and trivial reasons. If the authorities admit that a great injustice was done to the Bodnariu family, which it clearly was, then thousands of other cases could be reopened as well, and the image of Norway would sink in the sand. Barnevernet, the self-proclaimed number one image of Norway, is like a god, and for many it is worth dying for before the truth is allowed to see the light of day.”

[Photo: / CC0 Creative Commons]