The nightmare in Norway continues

Urgent prayer needed for Natalya, Zygys and their three children Elizabeth (7), Nikita (10), and Brigita (11). It was reported last night that four Norwegian policemen tried forcing Natalya to hand over her mobile phone.

Natalya refused to hand over her phone, resulting in the four policemen using unnecessary force, body slamming Natalya onto the floor, in the attempt to scan Natalya’s fingerprint to unlock her phone. This caused bruising and swelling to Natalya’s body.

As we already know from other reports in Norway, the police have their own laws and rules, and often don’t follow European laws and conventions on human rights, of which Norway has signed up to. Natalya was then taken, held in a cell, and interrogated for two hours, followed by Zygys. The police confiscated their mobile phones. An informer lied to the police claiming that Natayla and Zygys knew where their children were staying and what school they were going to, and that they planned to ‚kidnap‘ their OWN children.

Natalya and Zygys had no plans to get their children and go on the run. They are going through diplomatic channels in the attempt to get their children released. In the last few weeks, the children have once again been moved to another foster home and their whereabouts are now worryingly unknown. If anyone has seen them, please contact us at  Step Up 4 Children’s Rights.  We are deeply concerned for their safety.