Three American Children kidnapped in Norway

Three American children brutally ripped from their beds at night in Norway

Norway‘s dysfunctional child welfare system has done it again. Less than a month ago three healthy and normal American children were kidnapped from their loving parents.

Norway has always been the dream country for Zygys and Natalya. Zygys is Lithuanian but lived in America with his wife Natalya who is a US citizen. All of their three children (Brigita 11, Nikita 9 , Elizabeth 7) were born in the US and are US citizens as well. The family has lived in Atlanta where they were members of the strong family oriented New Life Church of Atlanta. When Zygys couldn’t find a new Job the family decided to move and start a new life in Norway. Zygys moved there first in July 2018 to get settled with his new job and to rent a house. Natalya and the children followed him a few weeks later on September 1-st.

Natalya's family

The family enjoyed living in Norway. It was like a dream that came true. Already in the US they loved hiking together. And now in Norway life for them seemed to be like paradise.  Natalya took the photo below at a trip to the Drammen Spiral, which is a sight about 70 km away from their new home in Notodden. Little did they know that this was going to be their last day together as a happy family.

The last happy day


The family had never heard the word „Barnevernet“ before (which is Norway‘s child welfare system), but this was soon to change. Just some weeks ago, on Friday May 17-th, Brigita had her 11-th birthday. It was also the Norwegian national holiday, which is traditionally celebrated with children. So the girl had a very special birthday, and she got a mobile phone as a gift. The photo below shows Natalya and Brigita on Brigita’s birthday:

However on the weekend Brigita misbehaved, and Natalya decided to take the phone away for some time as a means of discipline. On Monday May 20-th Brigita talked about this incident in school. Still on the same day but later at night, Norway‘s child welfare system „Barnevernet“ along with the Police came to the family‘s house. The children were already asleep at this time, and they were brutally ripped from their beds. Like in so many other cases there was no forewarning, no court proceeding, no thorough investigation or assistance given to the family prior to the taking of the children.

The entire family was brought to a police station where they were detained for 24 hours and interrogated separately for 3 hours. The children were then brought to a foster home in an other city an hour away. Ever since the removal of their children the parents haven‘t seen them again. Meanwhile their youngest daughter Elizabeth had her 7-th birthday, but the parents weren’t allowed to send birthday gifts. Norway’s child welfare system has insinuated that the reason that they took the children was because they believed that the children didn’t have proper rules or a proper routine, and in Norway, this (and pretty much anything) can be considered „neglect“ and used as grounds to take such a violent and child traumatizing action.

Both parents were threatened with a 2-years prison penalty if they would talk to anyone about this case before June 11-th. Barnevernet said they needed this time for their own investigation.

On Thursday June 6-th they had a court hearing. One day later a verdict was ruled that the children need to stay in foster care. But at least the parents were given visitation rights to see their kids once a week for one hour with supervision. This was supposed to start on June 11-th. But then they were informed that they can not see their children as the Barnevernet and Police want to do further interrogations with them separately.

After having observed several other cases it seems to be clear, that Barnevernet will now build a case against the parents by using puzzle pieces in the attempt to create a trump card in order to keep the children. This inhumane tactic is further discussed in chapter 9 of Steven Bennett‘s book „Stolen Childhood“ (see links below).

All three children have sent love letters to their parents prior to the court hearing. Especially Brigita, the oldest daughter, wrote several times in her letter how much she loves her parents and that she needs them. But those letters weren’t taken into account at the hearing.




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[Photos: private property of Natalya & Zygys]