Norwegian children not treated like human beings by Barnevernet

If you really want to know what’s happening in Norway’s Child Welfare System, Barnevernet, you MUST READ the transcript of this recent interview. Shocking and disturbing and sadly common. Two weeks ago specialist psychologist Ester Solberg was interviewed… Read More

Kjell Ingolf Ropstad

The Family Destroyer from the Norwegian Christian Party / Krf

Written by MARGARET HENNUM: The Norwegian Christian Party (Krf) holds its banner high when it comes to family values. Krf fronted the extra financial support to families with children under the age of three and the increase of the… Read More

A family targeted, a mother dehumanised and Hans Magnus’ rights trodden on in Norway!

Sylvia Gustavsen Ensby writes (translated): “I’ll support you all the way,” said my GP at Hole Medical Centre when we were there and found out that we were having a child. Before the appointment, and almost in disbelief,… Read More

Polish Consul

Landesverweis – Polnischer Konsul muss Norwegen verlassen

OSLO (11.2.2019) – Der polnische Diplomat Sławomir Kowalski ist heute in Norwegen zur „Persona non grata“ erklärt worden. Laut Medienberichten (Reuters / N.Y. Times) bleibt dem Konsul nur mehr eine Woche Zeit, um aus Norwegen abzureisen. Dem norwegischen… Read More

Einar Salvesen

„I know both sides“ – Psychologist Einar Salvesen criticizes Norway’s Child Welfare system

The Herland Report TV has released an interview with Einar Salvesen who has worked with Norwegian Child Protective Services’ cases for many years. He is the founder of KIB, an organization with close to 300 experts connected to… Read More

Polish Consul

Norway’s next scandal: Polish consul expelled from the country for criticizing Barnevernet

Slawomir Kowalski has served as Poland’s consul in Norway, but he is no longer wanted there. Prime Minister Erna Solberg has now expelled him from the country. Could this be related to the case of Silje Garmo, a… Read More

Jo Hoffmann & Björn Korf

Abducted by the State – The Case of Amy Jakobsen and her son Tyler

Amy Jakobsen is an American citizen who lives in Norway. In July 2013 her worst nightmare began. Without any warning, the Norwegian Child Welfare Services known as ‚Barnevernet‘ accompanied by police knocked at her door, saying that her… Read More


This is an open letter to the Norwegian minister for children, Linda Hofstad Helleland, from a Norwegian mother who had to leave Norway to save her fourth child: FRIDAY 7 DECEMBER 2018. Dear Linda Hofstad Helleland, I’m an… Read More

Silje Garmo & Eira

Polen gewährt Norwegerin politisches Asyl

Die norwegische Staatsbürgerin Silje Garmo und ihre Tochter Eira erhalten politisches Asyl in Polen. Dies teilte am Mittwoch Pastor Jan-Aage Torp aus Oslo mit. Die alleinerziehende Mutter war im Mai des vergangenen Jahres mit ihrer damals vier Monate… Read More

Strasbourg is facing another application against Norway

The Norwegian authorities refused to return a child to a Slovak family. Prague / Bratislava / Lillehammer, June 22, 2018: The Slovak/Norwegian Ladická family, from whom the Barnevern took away their breastfed baby Maxine three years ago for… Read More